Students for Design Activism

Northern Spark Approaches!

We are getting excited about Northern Spark this weekend–and finally finishing and debuting our project, Lower Course, at the all-night art event! (The project was also recently featured on the University of Minnesota College of Design’s blog.)

Several of our members have been hard at work putting this installation together. Michael Richardson, Lindsay Hawks, Solange Guillaume, Alex Hill, Erin Garnaas-Holmes, Katrina Matejcik, Caitlin Dippo and more have contributed hours of design work and fabrication. We’ve also been joined by Electrical Engineering student Ross Crandall and Computer Engineering student Andy Fritz, who have masterminded the interactive, motion-sensored component of the installation.



Be sure to come out and see Lower Course in action this Saturday, June 8th, from 8:58pm-5:02am in Downtown Saint Paul!