Students for Design Activism

Guerilla Gardening!

SDA took on our second project today!

A little guerilla gardening seemed like a simple way to actually get something done in the midst of our very busy schedules. Prompted by Miss Lowry, we took a look at bicycle fatalities in Minneapolis and came up with 4 possible intersections to attack. Out of all the locations that have had a high number of car-bicycle collisions in the past 5 years, these four had a boulevard or right of way that we could plant in. In order to deal circumvent issues with city maintenance, we chose to plant early spring bulbs that will emerge and bloom before seasonal maintenance starts in the spring.

Our turn out was small today but the weather was gorgeous. Miss Lowry, Amber, Derek, and myself decided to focus on one location in South Minneapolis: E 26th St and Hiawatha Ave S. Armed with a few trowels and about 50 bulbs, we did our own little bit to bring attention to an area that is problematic for cyclers and has been blighted with tragic circumstances.

Now we wait! It will be a bit of a surprise next spring to see what emerges — although the area was mostly weeds and sad-looking turf, the soil was in pretty good condition so hopefully we get some rain in the next few days and our bulbs will have a fighting chance.

At any rate, it was nice to rip ourselves away from the computer screen, feel the sunshine on our faces, and get our hands a little bit dirty. The response from people passing by was pretty encouraging as well!