Students for Design Activism

Slowly but Surely

Life as a graduate student can be utterly myopic. As the panic builds about impending deadlines, as the exhaustion sets in after many late nights, and as the “work completed” pile is ambushed by second-guessing, the rest of the world seems to melt away into a gray fuzz on the periphery of our sight lines. We are all subject to this — so how do a group of overworked, stressed, idealistic graduate students make projects outside of all the requirements happen?

This is our question at hand. Not many of us have had experience on organizing a group like this from the ground up and none of us have done it while bending to the demands of graduate school. Yet, it has been done. Ordinary people have been involved in amazing projects. Forming a structure for ourself is the first step.

The idea of committees came up today in a conversation. Can we have committees led by one person with 2 or 3 support people that work as a task force to accomplish specific goals. Would this be a way to disperse some of the weight felt by officers and spread a sense of individual investment? What kind of committees do we need as Students for Design Activism? A list I am kicking around right now is:

Community-Service Projects

Urban Agriculture Projects
‘Subversive Actions’
Public Relations
Administration (?)

This is probably very basic group organizing — I am not familiar with the world. And, although, I know we all want this to be successful, I also want us to figure out what is the best model for us as a group. How can we make sure we move forward as well as all get to be involved somehow? I know we have a few people with much more experience than myself, I am excited to hear what they have to say.

Until next time, find at least 15 minutes to walk outside and enjoy the colors and textures, and shadows of fall.